GausSystems is an early stage product to address employee costing and calculation problems, specifically for school business officials in the K-12 environment. As the product manager early in the introduction phase of the product lifecycle, I

  • captured customer personas and segmentation for product targeting
  • established a business model including the value propositions for different segments
  • identified learning channels as well as selling and marketing paths
  • validated product / market fit via generative research methods for problem and market and evaluative tools to support solution fit
  • supported first customer onboardings and established a product framework for ongoing improvements based on real inputbuild experiments around identifiable, measurable hypotheses

While I continue to circle back to these, I continue to

  • build fast, cheap pre-protoytpes for early user feedback and define next feature development stories
  • data mine from customer feedback to validate development efforts
  • schedule development work based on priorities (internal objectives, external input, etc.)
  • learn from users to complete the feedback loop

I mainly divide my time between usability, identifying product improvements that align to the problems we’re solving. And market value experiments to make sure we’re solving the right problems.