The team at had built years and years of content around tours dating back to the early ’80s including tour dates, news, photos, videos, songs, releases, and so forth; trapped in a Drupal CMS system they could not manage easily.

I managed the initial project to migrate the content onto the WordPress platform, integrate with third party shopping and audio samples, and provide a responsive design across all devices. A historical account of this project can be seen here.

To even begin this project, I needed to understand the frustrations and struggle behind the content migration requirements in order to build solutions that would work. In evaluating each content type existing and their uses, the team and I established an architecture that better aligned to the content management needs of the site administrators AND the navigation behaviors of their users. It looked like this


With this basis we were able to collect and organize years and years of content, music, and history. We provided new tools to interrelate these pieces of data and new ways to experience them, like listening to a song from a 1994 concert, or seeing a picture from an event full screen regardless of the device. We also built a backend interface to enable the admin team to manage their content from a highly-customized web app.

This project was the start of an ongoing product engagement where I

  • provided visual representation of proposed workflows for early feedback (the architecture document is one example of these artifacts)
  • incorporated a rapid prototype method for development with a standard of “no more than a week” to put together a visual and partially working feature for immediate review and either revisions or buy-in from the client
  • organized and prioritized development efforts based on both administrative requirements and user engagement needs
  • articulated task context and worked with the implementation team to organize and schedule development
  • managed scope versus time versus budget versus quality / performance implications of decisions made
  • conducted user testing