The Pioneer Woman

I began working with Ree to redesign The Pioneer Woman website; an initial project to introduce us to a product management engagement. The redesign was an effort to

  • understand the users and their requirements as well as the content management requirements
  • develop MVP features to ensure alignment on requirements
  • establish a good workflow for delivery and common understanding of priorities

Once the project was complete, we had the tools to continue improving the website and web app tools, including

  • a framework for each effort around who, what, when, where, and how to produce solutions that fit very specific needs versus prescribed solutions
  • a burndown list for constant priority adjustments and regular releases versus a large overhaul every few years
  • communication paths for collecting user feedback and blockers directly without Ree’s direct involvement
  • regular evaluation of site usage areas (data mining) and analysis for stopping points without vocal indications from users
  • identified markets and competitors for other external forces of change